One thought on “Teasers and Trailers from fans and reviewers

  1. ️️Rodd is one of my all time favorite authors. He brings to us a lot of everything. Murder, Drama, Mystery, Sex, Love, and the haunts of the past. When I first got his first book ‘Rubble and the Wreckage’, I was doubtful this was my kind of book! I was so wrong!!’ It gave me everything and more! After reading and becoming a part of this one, ️Rodd sent me the second one! You see an even deeper intense side of Gabe! Between his belief that his God-given purpose was to kill white lighters(people he saw a white glow around them) and send them to heaven, his love for Christian, and the past had on him was complicated. A very intense series. Can’t wait for the last! ️Rodd, you are amazing. A brilliant author. ❤️

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