Teasers and Trailers from fans and reviewers











One thought on “Teasers and Trailers from fans and reviewers

  1. ️️Rodd is one of my all time favorite authors. He brings to us a lot of everything. Murder, Drama, Mystery, Sex, Love, and the haunts of the past. When I first got his first book ‘Rubble and the Wreckage’, I was doubtful this was my kind of book! I was so wrong!!’ It gave me everything and more! After reading and becoming a part of this one, ️Rodd sent me the second one! You see an even deeper intense side of Gabe! Between his belief that his God-given purpose was to kill white lighters(people he saw a white glow around them) and send them to heaven, his love for Christian, and the past had on him was complicated. A very intense series. Can’t wait for the last! ️Rodd, you are amazing. A brilliant author. ❤️

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