Wretched Little Lives – Going Down the Rabbit Hole

The problem about secrets is that they want to get out. They are creations of the sin, and their confession only brings them life and gives them substance – no matter how dark and horrific they truly were.
Rabbit wasn’t the type to seek absolution, and yet the attractive man across the table was different, more sympathetic, and he could see that much in those pale blue eyes staring back at him. We all think we’re hiding our secrets, but in reality our secrets are hiding us.

This is the story of two very different men, and how they deal with their desire and sexual attraction against the backdrop of senseless mayhem and murder. Whatever made each one tick became their individual abnormality, and always with the question lingering in the air between them like stagnated smoke…was it reasonable to care for someone as badly broken as Cole Holder? And how might it end right, when it’d been so damned wrong from the very beginning?


Tigers on the Sudan

cover last

Hired by a shadowy government agency he is tasked to locate and expose the transactions of a high profile gunner runner.
Getting his target to face justice in international courts wasn’t going to be an easy OP, and his journey takes him racing across three continents.
Ultimately it begs the question, what do you do with a dangerous man like Alastair Amann if you catch him?
Do you turn him in to the authorities, cash your check and simply walk away, or do you squash him and his treasonous acts once and for all?
Donovan had much to consider since the consequences of not acting were already quite dire.

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