Tigers on the Sudan

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Hired by a shadowy government agency he is tasked to locate and expose the transactions of a high profile gunner runner.
Getting his target to face justice in international courts wasn’t going to be an easy OP, and his journey takes him racing across three continents.
Ultimately it begs the question, what do you do with a dangerous man like Alastair Amann if you catch him?
Do you turn him in to the authorities, cash your check and simply walk away, or do you squash him and his treasonous acts once and for all?
Donovan had much to consider since the consequences of not acting were already quite dire.

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The Gabriel Church Tales


Join Gabriel and Christian as they make their mark and either find love and companionship or the loss that both feel is inevitable

Ash and Cinders


“It’s just the devil’s share. When life evens itself out and every bad guy gets what’s coming to em’ . . . it’s one of the few balancing things life really offers.”—Gabriel Church

Gabriel Church has done a bad, bad thing . . . and normally that doesn’t bother him too much. But everything changed when he met Christian Maxwell. Chris became his unholy grail. The thing he sought more than any other treasure, yet still a priceless pearl beyond his reach. Nothing he does seems to solidify any prospect of them being able to remain together, to live that happily-ever-after story. Even if he were to make a promise to stop his killing in the name of God, it would still only be a salty futility to wet and tempt his lips.

Christian Maxwell discovered a damaged soul inside Church, with a goodness plumbed somewhere below the visible surface. He saw pain shadowing his killer like some trailing footprint left moist in the sand. But he failed to recognize each victim, or the costs of every action the fugitive took for granted. He simply pushed those faceless victims to the dark recesses of his mind, hiding them from plain view as if they were discarded things, recollections intentionally forgotten.

The one thing Church knows with certainty is the writer is the only person who really knows him, and the only man other than himself who possibly understands where they are both headed. But life is about to get more twisted and dangerous. It begins with a back woods Deputy Sheriff and that same ill-fated chance that always prevented him from slowing down his pace or finding a peaceful place to rest with Chris Maxwell by his side.





There is Always Another Boogey Man


There is Always Another Boogey Man is a work of narrative nonfiction, a compilation of the 50 “Worst of the Worst” Homosexual Serial Killers in our collective history. Some names may be familiar, most are not. All include aspects and stories that were not fit for public consumption at the times the crimes were committed. There are tragedies and ironies of the investigations, the trials and convictions. Missing details now made public, that make a reader shudder and leave some disgusted. The subject matter is HORRIFIC more frequently than not. Take a glimpse into the dark minds of serial killers, who prey on boys and men.

boogey man2“A Reckoning of Homosexual Serial Killers “A list of the 50 Worst of the Worst”