There is Always Another Boogey Man


There is Always Another Boogey Man is a work of narrative nonfiction, a compilation of the 50 “Worst of the Worst” Homosexual Serial Killers in our collective history. Some names may be familiar, most are not. All include aspects and stories that were not fit for public consumption at the times the crimes were committed. There are tragedies and ironies of the investigations, the trials and convictions. Missing details now made public, that make a reader shudder and leave some disgusted. The subject matter is HORRIFIC more frequently than not. Take a glimpse into the dark minds of serial killers, who prey on boys and men.

boogey man2“A Reckoning of Homosexual Serial Killers “A list of the 50 Worst of the Worst”


Justice Denied


“Hiding in plain view in the City of Corpses”
The tale of the Family Murders in Adelaide Australia is world famous and explores the pedophile ring of molesters and killers which mysteriously escaped prosecution in a time very different than today. Explore the characters that create this unique story of horror and sadistic crime in our collective history.

The city of Adelaide was a beautiful village of laid-back citizens until serial murder struck the town and the continuing saga of the murder of five beautiful boys would forever change the city and mark it citizens by the Infamous “Family Murders” which occurred in the late 70’s through the early 80’s. The butchered boys of Adelaide would tarnish the town and let it be known as “The City of Corpses”

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To what links will a straight male cop go to hide his sexual affair with a gay male student? When young Jesse Valencia threatened to expose the married police officer and is later found dead, the story would break wide open. The death of a 23 year old gay student and the trial of his straight police officer lover became big news in the university town of Columbia Missouri. This tale describes the horrific lengths a man will go to – in order to protect his job, his reputation and his marriage from the public exposure of his illicit homosexual affair.
Jesse – Sex, Sweat and Shame Behind the Badge
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Torn and Frayed 500

Mark’s Review http://sinfullymmbookreviews.blogspot.de/2016/01/release-day-review-torn-and-frayed-by.htmlFBSINFULLY


So the chase is on or it was and then it wasn’t! I must admit this second book had me intrigued from the word go. In the first book, Rubble and The Wreckage, Gabriel leaves Christian and hits the road. Once again driven by self-preservation and not wanting to get Christian tangled up in his life.

He lands up in San Antonio and after arriving wanders into a church that catches his interest. In the first book we learnt that Gabriel has a rather twisted relationship with religion embedded deep in his childhood memories and in the second book he meets Father Kait and develops a fascinating relationship with him on a platonic level. Father Kait becomes his confessor and Gabriel can release some of the things that have been burdening him. Of course he doesn’t give anything away about his murders but it was fascinating to read all the same. I loved this relationship that the two had developed. Rodd’s writing really gets to grips with the psyche of his characters. The conversations between Father Kait and Gabe are philosophical and extremely thought provoking giving the reader something to chew over and ponder on for days. I know I was mulling a lot of the conversation around in my head for quite a while. You are drawn into their inner most thoughts and this is what I love about these books so far. As I said in my first review a real mind f*** on many levels but listening to Gabe opening up to Father Kait was intriguing all the same. Still doesn’t excuse what he does but it definitely gives the reader a hell of a ride in the mind of serial murderer Gabriel Church.

For someone who never lets himself get emotionally attached to anyone he is still haunted with is time spent with Christian. The internal struggle is palpable, he is in all intense and purposes, Torn and Frayed between the attachment he has formed with Christian but knowing his lifestyle would never let him form any kind of relationship. I could feel the tug-o-war going on inside him and to get this straight in his head he uses Father Kait to talk to.

However, in the this book we are introduced to a new character and that is Detective Scott Keen. He works cold cases, murders that most have given up on and have no more leads. He is given a file and picks up Christian’s scent in Gabriel’s last murder although Christian was only involved by default. Christian is now in a flat spin of panic and as providence will have it Gabriel decides to phone Christian as he wants to hear his voice. Is he missing Christian? Well I guess he is but Gabriel would never admit this to himself as that would be forming a relationship now, wouldn’t it? I love the totally f***** up relationship that these guys have. The love is there but this is pushed to the back of Gabriel’s mind as it’s just not possible for him to admit this to anyone let alone himself.

Gabe returns to Seattle to help Christian out of his predicament. Here the book really heats up and the cat and mouse game begins. Detective Keen has no idea who he’s dealing with and doesn’t know how close to danger he’s flying. The whole outcome is breathtaking and for the first time I’m hoping that the murderer actually gets away with the crime. Crazy, right? But as I said in my review for the first book you can’t but not help liking Gabriel or at least understand this complicated character. It goes against everything you have been taught. How does it all play out in the end? Well, it was exciting as any thriller I have read to date. More I’m not giving away as you’ll have to read the book.

For me this book is a great psychological thriller with a warped M/M romance thrown in. The writing of Rodd Clark is detailed and empathetic of his characters, letting the reader delve right into the psyche of Gabriel Church. Maybe it’s a place you want or don’t want to go but just the thrill of going somehwere you normally wouldn’t, pushing your boundaries, questioning rights and wrongs, makes for a super book and an exciting read. Can’t wait for the next book.